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Powder Coating Wheels Specialist

Your wheels bear the brunt and weight of your vehicle, so it’s not a choice that should be taken lightly. Taking care of your wheel correctly helps eliminate downtime and ultimately protects your vehicle, driver, and your business.

Painting is a low-cost and well-known method for coating your wheels, but in reality, it leaves your wheels vulnerable to corrosion. Prone to scratching and chipping, paint is a short-term solution, causing unnecessary corrosion to your wheels and leading your vehicle to be taken off the road again and again to get its wheels repainted. This also proves to be costly due to the repeat application, despite the initial savings. Another factor that adds to the long-term expense is that painting does not shield the wheel, causing wheels on the road to wear down more quickly without protection.

It’s important to know that powder coating does more than add color and gloss to a wheel: it creates a shield. The powder coating process uses advanced technology to create a more durable finish than simply painting. To see how powder coating creates stronger protection than painting, it’s helpful to understand the refinishing process:

  1. Pre-treatment. The wheel rim is cleansed of rust, dirt, and debris. This is often done chemically or with shot blasting, an environmentally-friendly method of removing debris by blasting the surface with recycled materials.
  2. Powder coating. The wheel’s prepared surface is sprayed with color and resin particles that have been electrostatically charged. Because of their positive charge, they adhere to every part of the wheel’s surface without running, pooling, or distributing unevenly. This method of coating allows for a stronger coat than painting, meaning more protection for the wheel, and less wasted product.
  3. Curing. The coating is then set by exposure to high temperatures. The powder melts, flows evenly over the surface, and chemically reacts over the surface of the wheel to create a tough, web-like interlocking of molecules. This molecular structure does more than cover your wheel – it defends it.

Another benefit of powder coating comes from the fact that it does not require any of the harsh solvents used in painting, making it far more environmentally-friendly. It also creates a more consistent, professional appearance since it is distributed evenly over a wheel’s surface. Most importantly, powder coating extends the life of your wheels by thoroughly cleaning, coating, and defending wheels from corrosion.

The decision to choose between painting and powder coating could mean the difference between vulnerable, chipping wheels and protected, environmentally-friendly ones. If you’re ready to protect your wheels and get more out of your investment,

Our Passion is Powder Coating Wheels And Reaching Levels Of Quality Even Factory Wheels Can’t Match. From Our Prep Process To Our Finished Product Every Step Of The Way Gets Monitored And Controlled To Reach The Levels Of Quality We Expect From Our Team. From Gloss Black Wheels With Such High Gloss Ratings That The Wheels Look Wet & Tire Machine Lasers Have Trouble Reading Them. To Our Custom Two Stage Kandy & Two Tone Wheels. Their Is No Set Of Wheels That We Haven’t Mastered. It’s Our Passion & Driving Force Of Quality Behind All Of The Work We Do.

  • Industry Leader In Powder Coating Wheels
  • Highest Gloss Rating For Gloss Black
  • 2-3 Stage & Kandy Color Pro’s
  • Fix Curb Rash
  • Restore Your Wheels
  • Stronger Than Painting Wheels
  • Will Not Flake Or Peel Off Like Wheel Paint
  • Fast 1-3 Day Turn Around
  • Tire Dismount – Mount & Balance Available
  • Vehicle Drop Off Available

Process Makes Perfection:

  1. Tires Get Dismounted From The Wheels
  2. Wheel Weights, Bolts & Wheel Accessories Removed
  3. Chemical Stripped & De-greased
  4. First Round Of Sandblasting
  5. Fix & Smooth Any Curb Rash Or Nicks
  6. Second Round Of Sandblasting With Finer Grit (smoother finish)
  7. Extensive Cleaning & Inspection
  8. Masking & Plugging Necessary Areas
  9. Pre-Heat Out Gassing Of The Metal
  10. Final Inspection
  11. Powder Is Applied With Electrostatic Powder System
  12. Inspection With Double Staff Sign Off
  13. Oven Cured At Spec Time
  14. For Two Stage Or Multiple Coats – Last Four Steps Are Repeated

Wheel Painting & Wheel Powder Coating

Wheel Repair

Curbed & Scratched Your Wheels? No Problem! We fix and restore rims back to new again. Wheels starting to flake or rust? Our sandblasting & prep process can refinish any set of wheels.

We Fix:

  • Flaking – Peeling
  • Curb Rash – Scratches
  • Rust – Corrosion
  • Dings & Dents

Painting Wheels

Although we do HIGHLY recommend having SoFLo Concepts powder coat wheels for durability and a higher quality finish. We do have customers that ask to have their wheels painted or color matched painted to their car or truck & it is a service we offer.

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